Get Your Spaces Here!

Here's a chance for you to shout out your blog. There won't be enough space for everyone so better hurry! I'll list down spaces where you can submit your blogshops banners or a link for me to review your cool, hot stuff!

This blog would benefit you in terms of traffic and exposure... hopefully sales too (I'll influence & persuade my very hardest ok?) Anything to help fellow blog shop owners like yourself plus I always have trouble deciding on things to buy for my closet and end up selecting through the many blogs before I make a choice & this takes a lot of time (seriously a lot) so this will give the buyers space to browse through, select & purchase all in 1 spot. So best to forward the hot items as soon as you have them! :)

Space (A) : Sponsored Ad Banner - Header 728px x 90px ( cost RM 8 for 1 week )
Space (B) : Sponsored Ad Banner - Side Bar 160px x 300px ( RM 5 for 1 week )

Space (C) : Sponsored Ad Banner - Side bar 72px 72px ( RM 3 for 1 week ) 
*You could also rent any of the spaces above for RM 15 per month
*Email us for more details on booking the spaces.

Anyone can be on the blog roll BUT you will need to LINK me first. Once you do that, quickly email me and I'll put your blogshop up on the blog rolls and this is FREE.

Again do link us first and I'll hop over to your site & see what you've got for our review. If it doesn't appear this week or next week, don't give up, feel free to email me updates on your items and we'll let you know once the chosen item is up for review!

1]If your blog shops don't happen to appear on the blog, don't worry, you can still advertise your items on the cbox (and only there, not the other Enquiry box). Follow our blog too for more updates!
2]The Exhange Banner space is for the first 5 blog shop who have linked us when we first started! Nevertheless for those who have linked us, we will drop by and do a review on your blog to show our support and to thank you for your support too! 

3] There's going to be a SURPRISE FEATURE too for all you blog shop owners out there! Stay tuned.

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