Saturday, May 22, 2010

Criss Cross, Zig Zags, Polka Dots

Dainty Little Blog Shop
It's patterned week which means all sorts of patterns are about to creep up around us in the form of stripes, zig zags, polka dots to break the normal shade or black, blue or green. It also helps as a lil' distraction. I love this dress which breaks the monotone of the black skirt.

Terrie (RM 50)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kaler me Bad

The clothes here are indeed colourful from every colour you can fit on a palette (get the pun? no? ok nevermind..). We love vintage and we love blue so this could go well on any skin colour and it's pretty funky, especially the blue vest which goes well on white or black. Head over to their site for more vintage finds quickly because most of their stuff are sold pretty fast!
Ditsy Blue Vest (RM 24) | Stunning Blue Jazz (RM38)

Made Up Make Up

Syiok Sendiri Sisters
While I was browsing throught YouTube for quick & easy hairstyle tips, I came upon a few teens giving reviews on make-up, and they're only 15 years old! They sure do know a lot of stuff about make-up so when I saw this, it says "Coastal Scents 15% off Spree", I was delighted! With this I think my make-up set will be complete!
Mini Italian Badger Brush Set (RM 116.60) | 88 Price Makeup Palette (RM93.30)

Grunge up you iPhones

Black Milk Project |
I am personally a Blackberry chick and can't seem to go anywhere without it because it's like my right arm or left arm (whichever). But when I saw this Ed Hardy covers, ohh man! If only they have it for a Blackberry, it'll bring out the grunge chick in me.
EH001 (RM35) | EH003 (RM35)

Oh mY!

This sounds too tempting for me, especially on a Friday. Major discounts today on selected bags which are Betty II, Scoop & Paperbag!

miss shopaholic's closet

I think we just caught the bag fever. See what we found here? It's all pre-stock items meaning you have to order it before hand but if it's cheaper than the branded ones and you have a budget to control every month, this could be good alternative buy.. patience is virtue they say.
Fuchsia Pink : ¥17,325 (RM780) | Pink / Yellow Small: ¥16,275 (RM732)