Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Favourite Things

Hey everyone. We're back with more things we saw today which just made our hearts sing. These are a group of favourite things which can be found in these online blogshops. What are they? Wellm we love dresses, flowery tops, hair accessories and vintage bags for a start which we don't mind sharing with all of you. Have a look.

Left-Right |J100907 (RM55) | J100902 (RM 45)
One piece jumpsuit and one that comes with ruffles (oh yes we love ruffles) and they also have many cute designs which definitely stands out.

6T's Vintage |
Left-Right | Sachs Lederwaren (RM44) | Schillaci (RM44)
We smell vintage and we love the brown & black leather handbags which brings us back to our mum's and grandmothers' days with a touch of feminity. The bicycle is not for sale though.

Still Sisters |
Left-Right | Frilly Girly (RM40) | Kyoto Garden (RM30)
We thought they were related to the Soong Sisters but they're not because they're designs are fresh and oozes comfort.

Eye-Kandy |
Left-Right | Royal Cheesecake (RM45) | Pavlova Love (RM34)
If you want to be an eye candy, then this is the place for you. With clothes names after cakes & candies, you'll definitely be sweet enough to look at and possibly attract a bite or two.

Pins N' Clips |
Red Butterfly Hair Tie (RM16) | Black Shark Clip with jet black rhinestones (RM20)
Anything that comes with a bling bling is on our list too. And we love how it sparkles in broad daylight and in the dark.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Shoe In

These shoes are definitely made for walking. And they're drawn personally too! Custom canvas shoes by Shoericulous = shoes + ridiculous comes in 6 types and all you need to do is send them your foot details and they'll find the size that fits you. Check them out & head over to their site.

Left - Right | Type A: Mary Janes | Type B: Slip Ons

Left - Right | Type C: Normal with Shoelace | Type D: Low Cut Canvas

Left - Right | Type E: High Cut Canvas | Type W: Wedges

Here's to a Great New Year 2010

Despite the hardship that we went through in 2009, we should continue to be ourselves with some minor alterations because there's just noone like you. It is good to be unique, different and not to blend in but in a good way of course. So here's to a Happy New Year ahead and may you be filled with happiness, laugh & love throughout the year. Lets make it happen!