Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matching Misfits

I love flats especially ballerina ones because I can't seem to walk at a right pace in heels! These shoes are my answers to a quick-pace walk or run to anywhere and the animal motifs are just adorable! There's only a few designs left and a few sizes so better hurry and scurry over to check out more items from Matching Misfits.

Left: Zebra Crossing with Cart (RM 168) | Middle: Lets Go for a Swim | Right: Baby Lion & Baby Giraffe at Peace (RM 168)

Lil Miss London

lilmisslondon | www.lilmisslondonshop.blogspot.com
I love London for all its fashion stores on Oxford Street and their prices are more often caring to the purse. When this blog appeared in my email, I thought "oh darn it's going to be super expensive" but.. but... it turns out that not only are the prices a-okay (well it's not more than RM100 for most items!) but the designs are a-la Bree-eesh with a zest of funk. That plus I'm a sucker for Primark goods!
Dresses Rule | Stripe Tease | Green Patch Pocket Skirt

Sunny Sideup Closet

Sunny Sideup Closet | www.sunnysideupcloset.blogspot.com
Sunny Sideup is just like its name with clothes that cheers you up as you crawl out from your bed. I have this love affair with vintage pieces where it's kept secret (from friends who want to wear the same thing!) and for vintage items, the more quirky it is, the more original your look becomes.
Vintage 472 (RM40) | Vintage 466 (Reserved) | Vintage 469 (RM40)

The Vintage Vanity

We got an interesting S.O.S email from The Vintage Vanity babe who is having a massive sale to clear off all her items to feed her hunger for fashion. So for those who have the same passion as in to get more cool stuff to fit into your already overpacked wardrobe, here are a few things to look out for!Pearl Flower (RM5) | Heart of Gold (RM4) | Goldfly (RM5)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Catfight & Limelights

Catfights & Limelights | www.catfightsnlimelights.blogspot.com
Yes a lot of cat fights will grab you the attention you crave but it is definitely uneccessary because you all you need... actually.. is these dresses inspired by fashion icons of the world. They look pretty classy too!
Urbanista (RM 42) | Teacher's Pet | Futuristic (RM 42)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love a Snack too!

ilovesnackfood | www.ilovesnackfood.com
If you're looking for anything random, quirky and just plain funky then it's best to direct yourselves immediately to ilovesnackfood even though there's no actual snack food to buy. I believe the actual concept of snack food is having the sudden itch or urge to have that snack just to lace up your appetite (even though it may not be that famished). The same goes here, although you don't mean to look for a cool watch or a chunky bracelet but as you glance through the products, you suddenly feel the need-to-have that vintage bag or those Archie books where you can list your 'Lovers I Had and Liked', 'Bosses I Had and Liked' in your own words and keep it on your shelves as a secret.

Red Bolero (RM 39) | For Sundays (RM 49)

Egyptian Gold Elastic Cuffs (RM 39) | Black & White Weaves with/on Gold Brass Cuffs (RM 30)

Archie Note Books (RM 49 each) or get 3 books = RM120 (promo rate)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Flower Power

Florable (RM 32) | Sweet Grace (RM 35)
You could pair this up with sexy leggings and you would still look sexy but not over-the-top-sexy of course. The halter neck dress is good for Sunday sunshine outings.

This flirty dress are popular in Korean and you can get it here too from this blogshop. The materials are chiffon (left) & cotton (right) which is lightweight and feels soft against your skin.

Cantik Itu Kamu | www.cantikitukamu.blogspot.com
Flowers in your head? This is as good as well. Wear the Adorable Embroidery Flowers Scarf which comes with embroidery at the crown area over your head and you can still be the romantic flower girl.

The skirts are chiffon and they're stretchable. All you need is a plain top to make those flowers bloom. It looks good as a casual & night-out outfit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hail to the Queen!

Queen Chloset | www.queenchloset.com
Here's a little something to celebrate those curves that we women have. This is the first time I'm stumbled upon a blog shop dedicated to all things corset and it is really refreshing. We should be able to flaunt it if we have it and it could be in the form of lace, satin or even leather (oohh). However, we also read on their blog that they will be away for assignment until June but anyone who is interested can place their order by 24th April 2010 (last call). You should probably be clicking on the url already as of now. :)

Sweet Black (RM 89) | Midnight Blue (RM 89)
Oriental Violet (RM 89) | Golden Skin (RM 89)

Classic Pink (RM 89) | Leopard Wild (RM 89)