Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love a Snack too!

ilovesnackfood |
If you're looking for anything random, quirky and just plain funky then it's best to direct yourselves immediately to ilovesnackfood even though there's no actual snack food to buy. I believe the actual concept of snack food is having the sudden itch or urge to have that snack just to lace up your appetite (even though it may not be that famished). The same goes here, although you don't mean to look for a cool watch or a chunky bracelet but as you glance through the products, you suddenly feel the need-to-have that vintage bag or those Archie books where you can list your 'Lovers I Had and Liked', 'Bosses I Had and Liked' in your own words and keep it on your shelves as a secret.

Red Bolero (RM 39) | For Sundays (RM 49)

Egyptian Gold Elastic Cuffs (RM 39) | Black & White Weaves with/on Gold Brass Cuffs (RM 30)

Archie Note Books (RM 49 each) or get 3 books = RM120 (promo rate)

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