Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Favourite Things

Hey everyone. We're back with more things we saw today which just made our hearts sing. These are a group of favourite things which can be found in these online blogshops. What are they? Wellm we love dresses, flowery tops, hair accessories and vintage bags for a start which we don't mind sharing with all of you. Have a look.

Left-Right |J100907 (RM55) | J100902 (RM 45)
One piece jumpsuit and one that comes with ruffles (oh yes we love ruffles) and they also have many cute designs which definitely stands out.

6T's Vintage |
Left-Right | Sachs Lederwaren (RM44) | Schillaci (RM44)
We smell vintage and we love the brown & black leather handbags which brings us back to our mum's and grandmothers' days with a touch of feminity. The bicycle is not for sale though.

Still Sisters |
Left-Right | Frilly Girly (RM40) | Kyoto Garden (RM30)
We thought they were related to the Soong Sisters but they're not because they're designs are fresh and oozes comfort.

Eye-Kandy |
Left-Right | Royal Cheesecake (RM45) | Pavlova Love (RM34)
If you want to be an eye candy, then this is the place for you. With clothes names after cakes & candies, you'll definitely be sweet enough to look at and possibly attract a bite or two.

Pins N' Clips |
Red Butterfly Hair Tie (RM16) | Black Shark Clip with jet black rhinestones (RM20)
Anything that comes with a bling bling is on our list too. And we love how it sparkles in broad daylight and in the dark.

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