Friday, May 7, 2010

Grunge up you iPhones

Black Milk Project |
I am personally a Blackberry chick and can't seem to go anywhere without it because it's like my right arm or left arm (whichever). But when I saw this Ed Hardy covers, ohh man! If only they have it for a Blackberry, it'll bring out the grunge chick in me.
EH001 (RM35) | EH003 (RM35)


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  2. Hi tapas. Glad you dropped by. Yes I love to spot unique & interesting items and share it with all you readers. Did you go to the website & check out the Ed Hardy covers? It's so grungy & cool!

  3. i came across a trash bag of these in my dr.s office when i went to renew my pot card, he said take as many as you want, so i did. they are very cool, nothing sticky and it doesn't fall off.

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