Thursday, November 26, 2009

Intro & Welcome Note

Hi everyone,

There's a reason why this started... First of all I think you can tell by now because I keep on mentioning it over & over again is that I love to shop. There is just much joy in discovering creativity in fashion especially from flea markets & blog shops and I'm a girl who loves to go through the many, many clothes, shoes, accessories (my eyes sparkle just thinking about it) before making a major purchasing decision. Once in awhile I'll throw in experiences about other products or food because I'm random that way. :)

I thought since I kinda like sharing the things I discover everyday, I thought why not share it with all of you lovely people out there who have the passion for the same thing (besides pizza). Sharing is Caring after all!

So I hope that you'll have fun reading and finding good treasures here and also spread this love to everyone! The first review will be up in 2 days, wish me luck. :)

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