Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Black Dress? Nahh...

A friends' birthday party is coming up soon and yes it's pretty last minute to start looking for a dress but it's no harm to get 1 or 2 dresses for upcoming parties right? :) Most of my friends would prefer the Little Black Dress but not me, because I simply love colours and I think colourful dresses can be sexy too especially when it's paired with a nice, tall 3 inch stilettos! Here are some of the dresses which I found which could possibly be the one I'll wear for the party.

Left - Right: | V-Neck Tribal Satin Dress | Tribal Decker Peplum Dress | Floral Round Neck Top |

Do Not Bleach
Left - Right: | Lorraine| Rocker Chick |Earthy Top + Lacy Dress |

A Party Dress
| Tiered Chiffon | Polka Chiffon Dress | Flower Spot Tube |

Left - Right:
| Miss Lacie Dee | Miss Venice | Miss Flower Attic |

Posh Projects
Left - Right:
| Simply Vintage | Midsummer Prints | Moonstruck |

Oh Gosh Online Boutique
Left - Right:
| Ruffled Boyfie | Blair | Sweet Floral |

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