Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prints & Patterns

I almost got a splash attack when I clicked on this URL! There are colours & super cute icons to navigate you to be a serious Shirter! They're also having exclusive discounts for fans as well as 5% -15% off for non-followers, FB fans and blog followers. You will definitely not blend in and you will most definitely not be missed out in the good prices offered!
Brand Me (RM35)| Bruce Lee Toasted (RM35)| Mechanized Robot (RM35)

cupclothes | www.cupclothes.blogspot.com
Such a cute name for a vintage boutique. Most of the items sold here comes in many patterns of dresses so there's never a dull moment when you get up in the morning to choose the personality of the day.
Nellis (RM34) | Violet Girl (RM34) | Blossom Girl (RM34)

My Kedai -Runcit | www.mykedai-runcit.blogspot.com
Prints can also be found in these pouches which houses your camera & hand phone so that you don't lose either one or both! Theme Rabbit & Friends, there are 2 colours and also 1 that comes with transparent sequins for a lil bil of glam. I say get this before you shed tears in regret for not getting it earlier.
Rabbit & Friends Checkered (RM20) | Rabbit & Friends Polka-Dots (RM20) | Rabbit & Friends Sequin (RM22)

Cocktails & Martini's | www.cock-tails.blogspot.com
With a name like Cocktails & Martinis you know you'll be having a good time as the dresses are suitable for any average (and not so average parties). The small to average prints compliments the cutting off the dress and still gives it the attention you deserve!
Just Like This (RM 36) | Antoinette (RM42) | Quaterback (RM43)

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