Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's a Shoe Edition

That's right, simple pretty things and it says in their blog that all heels are less than RM100 & all flats are less than RM70 (is that so?). But when we went through the blog, it's true! Straps, buckles, peep toes, wedges, a girl has a lot of choices and can choose either one or all.. so take your pick.. but quickly though before someone else puts it on!Code 80 (RM 73) | Code 81 (RM 111) | Code 83 (RM 84)

Remember the song by Too Phat? The name of this brand reminded me of the the girl who made men go wild. But I think it does that too if the girl had on these pair of shoes! Inspired by Chanel, YSL, you could have these at a fraction of the price!
Madeline Buckeld Peep Toe (RM 65) | Kesha Gladiator Lace-Up Studded Heels (RM 75) | Alice in chains Ballet Flats (RM40)

is definitely the place for your weekly shopping fix and they certainly know how to make a girl feel good about those shoes! I found out that these shoes featured comes with FREE postage! Yeay! Does this mean we get to splurge on our lovely feet? Well if it gives us a different personality for each wear... why not?
Flower Cut-Out Booties (RM 75) | Red/Black Alice Mini Wedges (RM 59) | Military Ringlet Ankle Booties (RM 99)

Orange Little
"Orange you glad you found me?" Yes it may sound corny but I am definitely glad I found these babies. With descriptions like *purity of heart, innocence*, *fervent love* and *immense delight, joy*, who wouldn't be glad? Orange Little is having 25% discounts on their products + postage FOC sales but if you'd like to find out more about the amazing discount, send them an email but grab those shoes before it's too late!
Caladium (RM 60) | Baby's Breath (RM 80) | Balsam (RM 80)

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